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As we Look to the Future

Boys Volleyball is growing at a rapid pace in Illinois. We are producing hundreds of collegiate athletes each year and are starting to see more and more Olympians with Illinois in their bio. As the game grows we want to stay ahead of the curve every step of the way. Our club program is positioned to be one of the best in Illinois and is only growing. In order to stay competitive in this fierce market we look to strategically align ourselves with where we see boys volleyball headed. 

The first strategic movement is our partnership with Chicago Sand Volleyball. Over the summer of 2017 CSV trained nearly 100 boys in the sand with top finishes in nearly every event in Illinois and earning bids to both USA JBT National Championship in Florida, as well as the USA HP National Championship in California. We believe sand is one of the most effective tools to enhance the growth of the sport and to elevate our talent to the next level. 

The second is the launch of the Junior Boys League (JBL). Following the leadership of USA Volleyball we have developed a boys only juniors program that will revolutionize the growth of boys volleyball. This league is designed for boys K - 2nd, 3th - 5th & 6th - 8th. While it is unique to have boys volleyball at such a young age we are excited to model USA Soccer in its progression and modification of the sport. Each division will feature 4 v 4 competition on modified court sizes, volleyballs, and net heights allowing our athletes to learn the sport at an age appropriate level. 

As we look to the future our staple will always be our competitive boys club program and we are confident our partnership with CSV and the creation of the Junior Boys League will allow our athletes to reach their max potential. 

Coach Tim Maruyama


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